Please read the rules before you start using Pokemon Map.

  1. Marks are added by players, so they cannot be always accurate.
  2. Marks Lure Moduleare added the same day, to make it clear we are deleting them after some time.
  3. Page want to make game more comfortable, please add your makrs only where the marks are really exist.
  4. You can add only 1 mark per 15 seconds. This will help to put fake marks.
  5. Setting a mark we are saving your IP. We do not gather or share details about you, just location.
  6. User can delete the mark anytime, if the IP is the same when you have added that.
  7. Everyone can add 1 vote, as long as its not your mark.
  8. If a mark have a lot of bad votes, it means its fake.
  9. People that will put a lot of fake marks will be unable to add new marks in the future.