What is this map for?

The main point we have created this map is to give you as much pleasure from playing and much it easier to find the right spots in Pokemon Go. On the map you can find marks/points that are added by players, that it's worth it in real life. With this map you will know, where are the gym's, pokestops in you nearby area. You can also check which pokemon players have found and where. Maybe you are the one that cant find the pokemon anywhere. Here you can discover where they can be, with the marks on the map!

What is Pokemon GO?
Pokemon GO for smartphone

I am sure you know from your childhood Pokemons, which you could play on console and watching cartoons.

Pokemon GO is a game for smartphones, which have been so popular last days. In the real world you have to walk around and every single moment you can catch pokemon.

The whole collection is 151 Pokemons! With the high strenght of them you can fight on gym's. Using point of interest you will find pokestops there which you will receive items such as pokeballs, potions or eggs. Putting the egg into incubator you can hatch you egg with the distance 2, 5, or 10 km you will hatch new pokemon. Pokemon GO is Free to Play. You dont have to pay for the game, but the maker of game have added pokecoins which you can buy in the shop.

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